Off-grid Energy

Mccamley's self starting turbine is ideal for off grid applications. Unlike other wind turbines, no energy from the grid is required to restart the turbine when wind speeds decrease.It was also designed with extreme weather in mind. Because it's self feathering, the turbine does not shut down in high gusting storm winds. Its dense structure also gives it significantly more resistance to weather related damage which reduces the need for maintenance.


Broadening energy access is important to improving health, education, communication and quality of life. Equipping off-grid towns and villages with electricity allows residents to take advantage of safer and easier cooking methods, more sanitary food storage, and even electric irrigation pumps for farming.

Electricity creates opportunities and empowers the residents by enabling internet access, phone and laptop charging, as well as access to televisions and radios.


With electricity, schools can implement education-enhancing technology. Electric lighting allows schools to stay open longer, extending possible studying time.


Because of the importance of communication, McCamley has designed its turbine with remote telecoms in mind which provide cellular connection to isolated communities. With a McCamley turbine on site, such stations can be expected to operate completely off grid.